Who We Are.


At Domu Investments, we understand there are many ways to achieve financial success. We believe in our proven track record to produce results for our investors, as well as, improving the lives in the communities where we operate. We accomplish both of these with every investment we make.



What We Do.


Domu Investments was founded by real estate investors. We have developed a system that has given consistent earnings, year over year. We target distressed properties that are underperforming in areas that will support the upside of performance. Having the control to bring immediate "value add" to the investment is the reason that separates real estate from most other types of investments.



Financial Investors

diversify your investment portfolio

For those interested in diversifying their investment portfolio, but not interested in owning real estate, we offer passive returns through our financial investment program. Rates of return vary from holding period, investment amount, and risk tolerance. If you would like more information, please visit our contact page.


Turnkey Solutions

start collecting passive income from day 1

Real estate investing doesn’t have to be hard. We offer turnkey solutions for all level investors. Without the need for rehabbing, screening tenants, or plunging toilets, you start collecting passive income from Day 1. All of our properties come occupied with a screened tenant, property manager, and a home inspection report. We do the work so you don’t have to.


How We Do It.


There have been years put into the system we have created. We would never invite investors to invest in our system or in a location that we haven’t invested in first. By spending hours upon hours, starting with every major metropolitan statistical area (MSA), we have honed down our farm areas to select locations. We have found the most success in secondary and tertiary markets of the country with multifamily properties.

   Once our markets were determined, we networked with local investors and agents to make sure the market was stable enough for investing. Not every market was ready, so this allowed our focus to shift towards our select key locations. Our next process included vetting agents, property management, and contractors. Given our extensive backgrounds, we knew the questions to ask and exactly what to look for in choosing which third party partners to consider for our management company. We now know we have the best in the business. Issues can arise in any situation, however, problems are met with protocols and every person knows their role within the system. With our system in place, we’ve minimized waste and mitigated risk.



What To Expect & When.


As an investor, you should expect professional service and consistent returns. There will always be some degree of risks, as there are in any investing. However, the benchmarks for returns have been consistently met within our system. We know that with any capital contribution, our system can work. Of course, every investor knows that no assurances can be given that the fair market value of any real estate investment will not decrease in the future and no two investments are the same. That being said, no two investors are the same either. We’ve been able to customize each investment strategy to every investor’s needs. We look forward to doing the same with you.